CCTV protects business assets and facilities. CCTV deters crime and leads to identification of the perpetrators. CCTV manages access to the business offices and factories, complementing visitor logs and employees’ timekeeping.

Lemcon provides video surveillance solutions that suit businesses of all types and sizes. Lemcon specializes in providing appropriate solutions that run on existing LAN networks, require dedicated new connection systems or applying Wi-Fi solutions to support CCTV.

Lemcon’s CCTV solutions provide more than protection for many businesses. Analytical technology supports modern CCTV applications. Motion detection, heat mapping, number plate recognition and counting people or actions are all possible in Lemcon designed CCTV network. These features assess daily operations leads to loss prevention and process optimization to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Access Control Systems

Access control (electronic door control) is integrated with your CCTV to provide visual verification at the entry points to the facilities. Lemcon offers a range of Access Control systems including proximity readers and swipe cards or pin codes. Access control is integrated to time and attendance records, activating when a door is opened.

Remote Monitoring

CCTV cameras are installed in areas where Wi-Fi service is available. Video is streamed back to the Network Video Recorder via Wi-Fi network and can view live camera feeds at any time with free mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.