Lemcon Davao branch was established on April 2012 with a modest team of only 2 employees. With its 6 years of existence, the Lemcon Davao team has achieved several milestones from its conception up to the present. The team was promptly added two additional staff to accommodate the site audit project of Globe Telecom. 2013 will be remembered as a significant year for the team as this is the year when Project Maxima of Globe Telecom started which is the pull-out of 2G and 3G fixed assets which continues to this present day. Lemcon Davao started the Public and Managed Wi-Fi installation and set-up of Wi-Fi devices for several events in 2016. On this year 2018, the team joined in on the site acquisition project for public and managed Wi-Fi of Globe Telecom for both private and government institutions including but not limited to malls, hospitals, universities parks and several other public spaces. The Lemcon Davao team will continue to strive for continued success and growth with the help from the head office at Taguig. The team will exemplify excellence along the way as it tries to outpace and conquer Mindanao’s booming industrialization.