Decommission and Recovery

Site Equipment Recovery, Resale and Disposal


Dismantle at site


Global network to sell recovered equipment

Wi-Fi and Telecom

Providing warranty for reused equipment

Refurbishment and Resale

With 24 years of experience in the Philippines, Lemcon has established itself as a leader in the telecommunications industry, specializing in the recycling and resale of Wi-Fi and telecom equipment. Our commitment to sustainability, quality, and financial efficiency ensures that telecom equipment is repurposed effectively, benefiting both the environment and our global clients. Lemcon’s longstanding partnership with Telecom Operators has resulted in the successful disposal of network equipment, with over five million dollars returned to the owners.

Recovery of Equipment

  • From Warehouses and Sites: Lemcon’s dedicated team recovers equipment from telecommunications company warehouses and sites.
  • Functionality Testing: Equipment undergoes testing to confirm its functionality, ensuring buyers receive top-quality products. Lemcon commits to providing warranties for the products sold.
  • Special Disposal: Some equipment may necessitate specialized disposal. Lemcon offers competitive pricing for the disposal of such materials and equipment.

Types of Equipment

Lemcon Philippines manages the sale and disposal of a wide range of equipment:

  • Scope: Wi-Fi, IT, and Telecom equipment, including non-moving inventory in warehouses and equipment recovered from sites.
  • Specific Equipment: Generators, power equipment, network equipment, IT equipment, Wi-Fi equipment, and cables. Special arrangements are available for Fiber Optic Cables and Batteries.
  • Accessories: Clamps, grounding materials, cable support systems and cables all have potential value depending on the condition of the items.


  • Standard Refurbishment: Equipment is refurbished to meet the original manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Additional Services: Brackets and cables may be added to complete a sales package, offered on a case-by-case basis.


 Financial and Environmental Benefits:

  • Maximized Returns: Reselling equipment can yield over five times more value than scrapping. Lemcon’s processes ensure maximum returns on disposed equipment and accessories.
  • Spare Parts Solution: Lemcon offers spare parts solutions based on recovered equipment, allowing up to 80% savings when complementing spares inventory requirements.
  • Global Remarketing: Through Lemcon’s extensive global network, equipment is remarketed to a wide audience.

Potential Customers:

  • Local Sales: Private users and enterprises in the Philippines may find applications for the recovered equipment. Business is developed on win-win basis.
  • International Networks: Lemcon connects with telecom operators globally, offering parts for expansion, repair, or spares.

Asset Valuation and Monetization:

  • Reuse Over Recycling: Lemcon prioritizes the reuse of telecom materials and equipment over mere recycling.
  • Value Extraction: Lemcon extracts value from surplus network equipment that might otherwise be discarded. Upon receipt, equipment is inspected, categorized, and processed for disposal, refurbishment, resale, or alternative disposal methods.


Lemcon’s comprehensive approach, backed by years of experience and a successful track record with equipment resale, ensures that clients receive the best value for their equipment while adhering to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and financial prudence.