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Welcome to Depot+, the innovative support solution introduced by Lemcon Philippines. In a world driven by efficiency and adaptability, Depot+ redefines how businesses access and utilize support services. With a network of strategically located depots, we bring you a range of services that empower your operations and enhance your customer satisfaction.

What is Depot+?

Depot+, the innovative support solution introduced by Lemcon Philippines, aims to revolutionize how businesses access and utilize support services. By leveraging a network of strategically located depots, Depot+ offers a wide range of dynamic services that empower operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing demands of modern business. With Depot+, businesses can optimize their operations, effectively address customer needs, and stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

How it works?

Depot+ operates through strategically placed hubs by Lemcon Philippines. These depots provide light inventory, secure drop-off points, and retail solutions. Easily access critical materials, return equipment, or establish retail counters. With flexible pricing, you pay for what you use. Collaborate to tailor solutions for specific needs. Depot+ empowers efficiency, growth, and customer satisfaction, extending support where you need it most. Whether you’re streamlining logistics or enhancing local presence, Depot+ adapts to your operational requirements, ensuring cost-effective solutions and an elevated support experience.


Light Inventory and Spares

Depot+ serves as the ultimate solution for all your field teams' requirements, providing a responsive and efficient approach. Our depots maintain small inventories and spares, ensuring that critical components are readily accessible whenever you need them. This highly convenient service guarantees the elimination of any downtime, keeping your projects running smoothly and seamlessly.

Depot 1

Drop-off Point and Service Hubs

Take advantage of our depots as secure drop-off points for returning materials or equipment, streamlining the process and ensuring effective management of materials. Moreover, our service hubs enhance accessibility for both your valued clients and skilled engineers. Together, these drop-off points and service hubs provide seamless support for all your logistics needs.

Depot Stall

Point of Sale Solutions

Expand your reach with retail opportunities. Use our depots as small retail spaces to sell products to the local public. Whether you utilize your staff or engage Lemcon to manage the sales location, this approach enhances your local presence and accessibility and provides local support for specialist technical solutions.


Tailored Local Presence

Depot+ is more than just services; it's a collaborative partnership. Lemcon Philippines works closely with you to craft tailored solutions that support your new activities in different regions. This commitment to innovation and collaboration empowers your business growth.

Elevate Your Support with Depot+

Lemcon Philippines presents Depot+, an innovative support solution that redefines how you access support services. With strategically located depots, Depot+ offers light inventory, secure drop-off points, retail solutions, and a tailored local presence. We’re more than just services; we’re your partners in efficiency and growth.

Merits of Depot+

Remote Support: Access support in locations where facilities are limited.

Enhanced Accessibility: New locations near clients amplify convenience and service quality.

Versatility: Depots adapt to various applications, meeting diverse needs.

Collaborative Approach: Lemcon partners with you to innovate and drive new ways of business.

Expansion of Services

Beyond its core components, Inventory+ presents an array of supplementary services to meet diverse project demands:

Material Quality Assurance: Assure material integrity and performance through rigorous quality checks.

On-Site Inventory Management: Extend meticulous inventory management to project sites, fostering control.

Predictive Analytics: Anticipate material demand through predictive analytics, optimizing supply chains.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI): Enable Lemcon to automatically manage inventory, streamlining operations.

Custom Reporting and Analytics: Receive tailored reports for data-driven decisions, tailored to preferences.