Lemcon Philippines has been at the forefront of providing exceptional Event Support services for over a decade. With a proven track record in delivering secure and reliable network connections, Lemcon has successfully catered to a range of high-profile events, including APEC conferences and even the historic visit of the Pope to Manila. When it comes to ensuring seamless event experiences, Lemcon is the trusted partner you can rely on.

Events Fiber Optic
Fiber Optic Cable

Lemcon understands that large-scale events often require additional on-site capacity to cater to the connectivity needs of a multitude of attendees. With their expertise in deployment of temporary fiber optic cable works, Lemcon significantly increases available bandwidth to accommodate high data traffic without compromising reliability.

Events Wireless Backhaul
High-Speed Wireless Backhaul

To ensure uninterrupted connectivity, Lemcon offers high-speed wireless backhaul solutions. This technology enables seamless data transfer between various devices and network nodes, ensuring a seamless and efficient event experience for all attendees.

Events Wi Fi
Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi

With Lemcon's enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solutions, event organizers can provide thousands of users with simultaneous high-speed access. This ensures that attendees can seamlessly connect their devices, access event-related information, and engage in real-time interactions without any connectivity issues.

Events Wireless
Gigabit Speeds Local Wireless

Lemcon takes pride in building a robust mesh network that guarantees reliable and fast delivery. By leveraging gigabit speeds local wireless connections, Lemcon provides attendees with a stable and high-speed internet connection, facilitating smooth communication and access to online resources.

Events Hotspot
Mobile Network Hotspots

Lemcon's expertise extends to ensuring comprehensive GSM coverage throughout the event location. By strategically deploying mobile network hotspots, Lemcon guarantees reliable and uninterrupted mobile network connectivity, allowing attendees to stay connected at all times.

Events On Site Support 1
On-Site Support

Lemcon's commitment to excellence extends beyond infrastructure provision. Their dedicated team of experts provides on-site support during events, ensuring that all network services run smoothly. From troubleshooting connectivity issues to addressing any technical challenges, Lemcon's professionals ensure a seamless and hassle-free event experience for both organizers and attendees.

In today’s fast-paced world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way we live and work. Lemcon Philippines, a trusted name in event support services, has embraced these advancements and is now offering innovative IoT solutions to enhance the safety and security of events. With the integration of IoT technologies, Lemcon provides event organizers with real-time insights and proactive measures to address crowd movements, security breaches, and potential safety issues such as fire or flood.
Events Crowd
Crowd Movement Monitoring

With IoT sensors strategically placed throughout the event venue, Lemcon's solution enables real-time monitoring of crowd movements. By collecting and analyzing data on foot traffic, entry and exit points, and congestion areas, event organizers can identify potential bottlenecks, adjust crowd flows, and ensure a smooth and safe experience for all attendees.

Events Security
Security Breach Detection

Security is of paramount importance at any event. Lemcon's IoT solutions provide instant alerts to organizers in the event of security breaches. Whether it's unauthorized access to restricted areas or suspicious activities, our sensors can detect and notify security personnel promptly, enabling swift responses to mitigate potential risks.

Events Smoke Alarm
Early Fire and Flood Detection

Rapid response to fire or flood incidents can make a significant difference in minimizing damage and ensuring the safety of attendees. Lemcon's IoT sensors are equipped to detect signs of fire or water-related issues, triggering immediate alerts to the event organizers. This allows for timely evacuation procedures and coordination with emergency services, enhancing overall event safety.

Events Safety
Proactive Safety Measures

In addition to real-time monitoring, Lemcon's IoT solutions empower event organizers to take proactive safety measures. By analyzing data collected from the IoT sensors, organizers can identify patterns, anticipate potential risks, and implement preventive measures to ensure a secure environment. This includes adjusting staffing levels, deploying resources to high-risk areas, and optimizing emergency response plans.

At Lemcon Philippines, the commitment to providing comprehensive event support goes beyond connectivity. Lemcon has a proven track record of success. Lemcon has supported high-profile events, including APEC conferences and the historic visit of the Pope to Manila, where the security and connectivity requirements were of paramount importance.
Trust Lemcon Philippines to transform your event’s connectivity, safety and security with our innovative solutions. By combining advanced technology with our industry expertise, we ensure that your event runs smoothly and safely, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.