Warehouse Management services are provided to manage the inventory efficiently in logistics operations specifically designed to support communications equipment. Lemcon staff members are trained to understand the functionality of the equipment in inventory. This means efficient receiving and issuing of the correct requirements for the customer.

Spares Management services to keep the spares levels appropriate to the needs of the customer. Pretesting equipment required, before delivery. This offers huge savings for the customer eliminating extra costs further on in the process.

Configuring communications equipment at the warehouse reduces the field work bringing accuracy and efficiency to the process. The skilled people at the Lemcon warehouse provide these services. Reports provided by Lemcon are not confined to normal stock movements. These reports relate the inventory held against the deployment plans of the customer and its true repair and spares needs.

Site Asset Management means that Lemcon ensures the assets that are on site are properly recorded and that their movement is captured as it happens. This may include maintenance inventory retained at sites. Asset Recovery applies to equipment recovered from site. This equipment may be refurbished for redeployment on the network, repaired and used for spares or sold on the international market to other companies to allow recovery of value. Warranty Tracking ensures that equipment that fails under warranty is repaired or replaced under warranty by the supplier. LEMCON also tracks the equipment that may be in the warranty cycle to ensure prompt return by the manufacturer.

Maintenance of the sites becomes a routine operation, where Lemcon supports scheduling of services visits to locations where assets are deployed.