Aruba just announced its Software-Defined Branch (SD-Branch) solution, a new
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Small standalone enterprise Wi-Fi networks require access point controllers, user-management
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The Infocom Network Node is a standalone Wi-Fi distribution module
/ 26 secs designs and delivers hardware solutions to support a simplified
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The equipment is supplied by Lemcon because of the commitment
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The equipment is supplied by Lemcon because of the commitment by the manufacturer to quality and because the products from these manufacturers complement each other in deployed networks. From CCTV through Wi-Fi, from Fixed Wireless to PABX, Lemcon supplies turnkey solutions incorporating the best technical products.

Aruba is the world’s premier Wi-Fi network vendor. Aruba’s equipment provides customers with a single Wi-Fi access platform featuring connectivity, security and access control. Aruba’s Wi-Fi solution provides a quality of service that supports data, voice and location-based services.

Cambium is the leader in fixed wireless connectivity. Cambium provides a wide range of solutions for point to point and point to multi-point networks. In an age of fiber connectivity, Cambium bridges the gaps where fiber cannot go, and proves itself in places where fiber infrastructure is weak.

Infocom develops specific solutions for cable and fiber networks. The Network Node is specially designed to support scalable Wi-Fi; networks that grow with the needs of the customers. The MicroNode provides a simple and economical platform incorporating authentication, storage and security. The products make enterprise Wi-Fi and CCTV networks simpler, cheaper and faster to deploy. With our products and services rest assured that your network problems will be addressed with efficiency.

Modern networks increasingly needs to withstand industrial or harsh environments. Equipment durability is important. Rugged POE switches from LCSI, another Lemcon partner, are designed and manufactured with special components, connectors and circuitry to ensure reliable operation in wide temperature swings, electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio interference, vibrations, or moisture and humidity fluctuations. LCSI equipment also features built-in tools that provide checks on the quality of the install and the reliability of the built network.

In 2018, Lemcon introduced its first two-way radio products. These products are vital to emergency services required when network coverage is not immediately available. Using reliable products from Unication, Lemcon presents solutions that ensure emergency and remote services are delivered.