LEMCON builds its various products and services on top of its expertise in providing networking infrastructure solutions. These networks serve as enabled for various IP dependent technologies such as Wi-Fi Access, CCTV, RFID and Sensors. The networks currently deploy are classified into two general types.

Structured Cabling

Generally used to support indoor and proximity outdoor connections. LEMCON deploys a combination of fiber and Ethernet cabling and a variety of active components (POE switches, injector, extenders and media converters) to provide a network that connects all the required service devices back to the core network.

Wireless Backhaul

LEMCON has long been involved in wireless network starting during the early days of cellular systems. This experience and expertise allows LEMCON to design and deploy wireless solutions that are reliable and work as expected. LEMCON has partnered with PTP and PTMP vendors in order to have an arsenal of solutions ready to take on any connectivity challenge that comes its way. LEMCON has successfully provided backhaul solutions for permanent and temporary outdoor Wi-Fi networks in the Philippines.

Other Backhaul Solutions

LEMCON also provides LTE and mesh solutions to support Wi-Fi networks and hotpots. Lemcon is already building a reputation for providing transmission solutions for mobile networks. This becomes more important as networks introduce new technologies at the access network. The huge increase in data rates mean a high demand for efficient and appropriate transmission systems. Lemcon is an expert at deployment of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transmissions solutions on both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands.


Radio Network Planning


Cambium Networks