Lemcon Philippines Inc provides management support to customers from simple site audits to full scope turnkey project management. Lemcon systems have been developed by an experienced management organization responsible for deploying over 250 complex network rollouts across all continents:
• Cost control and PO tracking
• Lease rent payment management
• Advanced visual maps of site status
• Integrated field staff QA tracking
• Site and project document management
• Site surveys built directly into database
• Outage work tracking during maintenance windows
• Mobile access to track project process
• Detailed customizable reports
• Work approval systems
• Site acceptance and logistics tracking
• Link Tracking
• Organization task management
• Communication dashboard
• Project announcement board
Lemcon Philippines delivers customized and technically advanced services and solutions, to enhance the competitive position of our customers and their network infrastructure. Lemcon supports modern networks, providing technical support to design, inventory, logistics, installation and maintenance of infrastructure allowing the customer to focus on using that infrastructure. Lemcon reduces costs, both in deployment and maintenance of communications infrastructure:
• Building and expanding the infrastructure to meet new capacity and technology demands.
• Maintaining and troubleshooting infrastructure efficiently
• Managing inventory using modern techniques and systems.
• Monitoring sites to reduce operating costs and improve reliability.
Lemcon builds its systems to work with the growing internet and facilitate the future of communications.


ISO 9001:2015