Project Details

The dream is to get all Filipinos linked to the internet on high bandwidth connections. Infocom’s latest innovation is to deploy Wi-Fi coverage to the palengke, the center for industy and trade of Philippines communities nationwide. Whether in Manila’s huge markets or the small pamilihang bayan of the provinces, Filipinos gather for shopping and socializing at the palengke.

With Wi-Fi at the market, vendors look up prices quickly while supplementing their business with online solutions; consumers get alerts on produce availability and prices.

The public is able to make fast connections to family on skype or voice calls, send pictures of quality Philippine products to friends and share videos with family.

An online social system is established supplementing the existing relationships between distributors, wholesalers, retailers and customers. The markets now extend their reach to the online community, providing information on products and interacting with customers even before they are physically present in the area.

Infocom is happy to work with the palengke administrators to work out the best solution for each market.