First Gigabit Wi-Fi in the Philippines

Project Details

Taguig, September 10, 2018 – Today, Lemcon Philippines Inc. broke the Wi-Fi speed limits in the Philippines at the national headquarters in Taguig City. Lemcon’s Wi-Fi speed of 1.2 Gbps is the first time in the Philippines where commercially available equipment has been deployed to achieve gigabit speeds on a single device.

Modern Wi-Fi networks offer very high speeds to consumers. In the Philippines there is growing availability of 1 Gbps wireless packages but until now it was not possible to maximize the use of these huge speeds in home and business networks. With Aruba Wave 2 Wi-Fi network equipment and smart rate switches offered by Lemcon, Wi-Fi now presents speed opportunities that have only been possible on wired networks. Lemcon chose Aruba because of its advanced features that allow blazing speeds on one stream while also allowing very high speeds to multiple users.

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions for enterprises of all sizes worldwide. The company delivers IT solutions that empower organizations to serve the latest generation of mobile-savvy users who rely on cloud-based business apps for every aspect of their work and personal lives.
Lemcon is the leader in the Philippines in the design, build and maintenance of high-performance Wi-Fi networks. Lemcon has been providing network building services in the Philippines for twenty years. Operating through all regions and most provinces, Lemcon has a well-deserved reputation for quality, reliability and dedication to customers.