Radio Network Planning is a necessary activity in the design of all wireless Lemcon provides network design expertise across all technologies from GSM through LTE and Wi-Fi and specializes in planning for indoor networks.

The demand for reliable access to networks even when indoors has led to dedicated network infrastructure incorporated in the building structure. Lemcon shines at designing excellent solutions for coverage for hotels, malls, offices, parking areas, apartment blocks and transport facilities.

Coverage is influenced by transmission loss caused by the multiple structural and aesthetic partitions to be overcome. Network quality is impacted by the interference common in three dimensional networks while capacity is supported the management of radio channels.

Network planning requires comprehensive planning and optimization tools for modelling and analyzing wireless networks. Lemcon also uses these tools to create reports containing data that is essential for a successful deployment including coverage prediction, antenna locations, base station configurations and capacity planning.
Lemcon Philippines has its own teams nationwide to perform the site survey and provide useful and accurate site survey reports. After the building the network Lemcon support network optimization and network performance validation services.

Lemcon Philippines is the expert in designing technical solutions for microwave transmission links at distances up to 80 km point to point and leads the industry in the application of point to multi point. Lemcon provides design and build solutions for microwave transmission as a viable backhaul solution for data and voice networks on both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands.