Rebuild Equipment Rooms

As telecom networks mature, new technologies render older equipment obsolete. Lemcon specializes in identifying the obsolete equipment, planning its removal and then safely transferring the equipment to its warehouses for appropriate disposal or refurbishment.

On completion of equipment removal, Lemcon restructures the equipment facilities to allow better use of racks, rectifiers and proper grooming and tagging of all cables. Lemcon’s experience in structured cable works, delivers beautiful solutions and better facilities.

Power Distribution
Power Distribution

Engage Lemcon for Facilities Surveys

Lemcon’s experienced team surveys the premises and gather the detailed information required to plan facility improvement. The Lemcon Technical Site Survey Report is tailored to meet the clients’ needs and deliver a foundation for sound planning and development.

Technical Site Survey

The details required in the survey are agreed before site visit. Lemcon technicians gather information as required by the client.

Site Survey Report

The report sets out clearly the information collected with photographic records, bar code readings and cable routes.

National Presence

Lemcon works in all regions and provinces to provide the locals support needed by facility owners.

The Lemcon Support Centers

Prepare for new technologies and layout

Old equipment

Disconnect the old equipment and remove from the site for correct  storage or disposal.

New power layout

Install submeters for AC and DC power with updated ACPDB and breakers.

Air conditioners and lighting

Clean up existing equipment, repair connections and supports and basic repairs.

Refurbish the site

Replace old and damaged infrastructure, cable trays and racks. Paint and refurbish.

Old cables

Remove old systems and correctly track and label cables that remain.


Fix locks and doors. Secure fencing, doors and windows.

Why choose Lemcon?


Lemcon has worked in the Philippines for more than 22 years providing pull-out, deployment, management and maintenance services to the biggest networks.


Track record of reliability and quality makes Lemcon the best choice for critical projects.

Binan Warehouse


Huge facilities in the Philippines with a truly national presence unmatched in the industry. With more than 300 employees and 12 national facilities, Lemcon is ready.


From accurate pull-out works through advanced structural cabling, Lemcon supports its clients through every phase of enterprise building and maintenance.

Modernize the facilities


Modern Lock Solutions

NOC based lock management to support the access needs of maintenance teams and the clients’ tenants.


On site sensors

IoT applications communicate alerts to the clients’ central offices. Control temperature and manage access remotely.

Infocom Node

On site Wi-Fi and CCTV

Secure enterprise grade CCTV and Wi-Fi on-site delivered by the leader in Philippine deployment.