Lemcon Philippines Inc.
Lemcon has been in the Philippines for 24 years, led by a local team of experienced engineers and technicians operating all over the country. It is a truly nationwide company with offices in the regions, and personnel delivering maintenance and support services in the provinces. Lemcon brings specific skills to the management of mobile network and broadband equipment warehousing and inventory. It has operated dedicated warehousing for telecom equipment for over 10 years, bringing control to inventory levels, reducing non-moving inventory and ensuring security of inventory worth millions of dollars.
Lemcon’s reputation in telecommunications is unmatched. The company has been at the forefront of every technological and management advance in the industry in the last 25 years. Lemcon has long been one of the most reliable project management companies in telecom network deployment and has managed complex roll-outs all over the world. This experience has contributed to a successful operation in the Philippines delivering inventory management services.
Lemcon brings the competence to ensure the success of these warehouse services and supports the long-term targets for ever more efficient and responsive services.
Managing inventory and warehouse services are a vital part of the success of any operator’s deployment, both in broadband and network services. The operator requires a highly competent company, with real experience and high-quality facilities to deliver these services. Lemcon Philippines presents itself as this company, knowing that Lemcon provides the best and most responsive services in the industry.
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Lemcon Philippines Inc.

In addition to our extensive shared history and expertise, there are key reasons why the operator benefits from engaging Lemcon Philippines for these services.

Lemcon only provides warehouse solutions to the telecom industry. This exclusivity means that experience and competence have been developed specifically for telecom projects and the special needs of telecom operators.

The Lemcon warehouse spaces have proven to be easily accessible and not subject to flooding or severe traffic. The properties are safe, secure, clean and accessible.

The Lemcon warehouses are easily accessible and have good parking space available.

Lemcon brings inhouse knowledge and expertise in telecom technologies, thus ensuring accuracy in kitting, testing and other added services.

Lemcon Philippines has offices nationwide where it can extend its services to the provinces.

OEM experience, technical knowledge and depth of expert resources

Monitoring tools and exceptional competence development and process quality management.

Ability for fast ramp-up with tested processes and practices to kick start projects successfully.