Lemcon Experience (Philippines) Solutions that support the whole network

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Network Equipment Jun 1, 2016
Lemcon designs and builds networks. To ensure robust networks, Lemcon specifies and supplies reliable and high performing equipment and materials.

The equipment is supplied by Lemcon because of the commitment by the manufacturer to quality and because the products from these manufacturers complement each other in deployed networks. From CCTV through Wi-Fi, from Fixed Wireless to PABX, Lemcon supplies turnkey solutions incorporating the best technical products.

Aruba is the world’s premier Wi-Fi network vendor. Aruba’s equipment provides customers with a single Wi-Fi access platform featuring connectivity, security and access control. Aruba’s Wi-Fi solution provides a quality of service that supports data, voice and location-based services.

Cambium is the leader in fixed wireless connectivity. Cambium provides a wide range of solutions for point to point and point to multi-point networks. In an age of fiber connectivity, Cambium bridges the gaps where fiber cannot go, and proves itself in places where fiber infrastructure is weak.

Infocom develops specific solutions for cable and fiber networks. The Network Node is specially designed to support scalable Wi-Fi; networks that grow with the needs of the customers. The MicroNode provides a simple and economical platform incorporating authentication, storage and security. The products make enterprise Wi-Fi and CCTV networks simpler, cheaper and faster to deploy. With our products and services rest assured that your network problems will be addressed with efficiency.

Modern networks increasingly needs to withstand industrial or harsh environments. Equipment durability is important. Rugged POE switches from LCSI, another Lemcon partner, are designed and manufactured with special components, connectors and circuitry to ensure reliable operation in wide temperature swings, electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio interference, vibrations, or moisture and humidity fluctuations. LCSI equipment also features built-in tools that provide checks on the quality of the install and the reliability of the built network.

In 2018, Lemcon introduced its first two-way radio products. These products are vital to emergency services required when network coverage is not immediately available. Using reliable products from Unication, Lemcon presents solutions that ensure emergency and remote services are delivered.

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Warehouse Management services are provided to manage the inventory efficiently in logistics operations specifically designed to support communications equipment. Lemcon staff members are trained to understand the functionality of the equipment in inventory. This means efficient receiving and issuing of the correct requirements for the customer.

Spares Management services to keep the spares levels appropriate to the needs of the customer. Pretesting equipment required, before delivery. This offers huge savings for the customer eliminating extra costs further on in the process.

Configuring communications equipment at the warehouse reduces the field work bringing accuracy and efficiency to the process. The skilled people at the Lemcon warehouse provide these services. Reports provided by Lemcon are not confined to normal stock movements. These reports relate the inventory held against the deployment plans of the customer and its true repair and spares needs.

Site Asset Management means that Lemcon ensures the assets that are on site are properly recorded and that their movement is captured as it happens. This may include maintenance inventory retained at sites. Asset Recovery applies to equipment recovered from site. This equipment may be refurbished for redeployment on the network, repaired and used for spares or sold on the international market to other companies to allow recovery of value. Warranty Tracking ensures that equipment that fails under warranty is repaired or replaced under warranty by the supplier. LEMCON also tracks the equipment that may be in the warranty cycle to ensure prompt return by the manufacturer.

Maintenance of the sites becomes a routine operation, where Lemcon supports scheduling of services visits to locations where assets are deployed.



Unique Offering

Lemcon brings key differentiators from other services suppliers, especially in warehousing and logistics for telecommunication networks. Lemcon is unique. No other company has the combination of telecom deployment and management experience, asset management expertise and state of the art systems. Lemcon is a specialized company. Lemcon provides asset management services for telecommunications organizations. Lemcon is unique. Lemcon is a seasoned systems integrator having provided services to many telecommunications networks around the world. Lemcon brings to the table a wealth of network implementation experience matched by few organizations in the Asia Pacific Region. This telecoms experience is not available to logistics organizations. Only Lemcon has the telecom expertise

Aruba Networks

Mobile, IoT, and cloud are disrupting traditional businesses and declaring new winners. Aruba is building smarter networks that are insightful and predictable to accelerate the transition. Infrastructure services are offered as software from the public or private cloud, enabling secure connectivity for mobile and IoT — under one roof.

CCTV Network

CCTV protects business assets and facilities. CCTV deters crime and leads to identification of the perpetrators. CCTV manages access to the business offices and factories, complementing visitor logs and employees’ timekeeping.

Lemcon provides video surveillance solutions that suit businesses of all types and sizes. Lemcon specializes in providing appropriate solutions that run on existing LAN networks, require dedicated new connection systems or applying Wi-Fi solutions to support CCTV.

Lemcon’s CCTV solutions provide more than protection for many businesses. Analytical technology supports modern CCTV applications. Motion detection, heat mapping, number plate recognition and counting people or actions are all possible in Lemcon designed CCTV network. These features assess daily operations leads to loss prevention and process optimization to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Access Control Systems

Access control (electronic door control) is integrated with your CCTV to provide visual verification at the entry points to the facilities. Lemcon offers a range of Access Control systems including proximity readers and swipe cards or pin codes. Access control is integrated to time and attendance records, activating when a door is opened.

Remote Monitoring

CCTV cameras are installed in areas where Wi-Fi service is available. Video is streamed back to the Network Video Recorder via Wi-Fi network and can view live camera feeds at any time with free mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.

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Lemcon Networks’ Network Operations Centre ensures smooth running and operation of customers’ networks and services. The NOC monitors performance of networks. Lemcon provides these NOC services to a wide range of industries with focus on telecommunications and IT. Lemcon is a world leader in NOC services since 2003.

• Change Request management
• Change Request task tracking
• Performance reports
• Outage tracking and reporting
• Change management
• Monitoring
• Help Desk / Call Center
• Trouble Ticket Management
• Network Surveillance and Alarm
• Services Activation
• Maintenance Support Management
• Provides an integrated alarms system
• Manages scheduled maintenance
• Manages preventive maintenance
• Provides control over network issues

Trouble tickets are all directed to NOC for corrective actions and tracking. The NOC provides the interface for field resources and technical support staff. Lemcon also manages the site access, ensuring that technicians gaining access to sites are certified to carry out their work.

• Alarm displays
• Fault prioritization and visual displays
• Trouble ticketing management
• Work order management
• Site quality management
• Documentation management
• Reporting
• Scheduling
• Process Management


Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks is the Lemcon wireless partner for offering PtMP solutions in the unlicensed band at reasonable costs yet uncompromised quality and performance. Cambium Networks has an extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable and secure wireless broadband point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PtMP) platforms, making it possible to build powerful, easily sustainable communications networks.

The company currently has over four million of its access and backhaul radios deployed in thousands of demanding networks in more than 150 countries. Headquartered outside Chicago and with R&D centers in the U.S., Ashburton, U.K. and Bangalore, India.

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LEMCON builds its various products and services on top of its expertise in providing networking infrastructure solutions. These networks serve as enabled for various IP dependent technologies such as Wi-Fi Access, CCTV, RFID and Sensors. The networks currently deploy are classified into two general types.

Structured Cabling

Generally used to support indoor and proximity outdoor connections. LEMCON deploys a combination of fiber and Ethernet cabling and a variety of active components (POE switches, injector, extenders and media converters) to provide a network that connects all the required service devices back to the core network.

Wireless Backhaul

LEMCON has long been involved in wireless network starting during the early days of cellular systems. This experience and expertise allows LEMCON to design and deploy wireless solutions that are reliable and work as expected. LEMCON has partnered with PTP and PTMP vendors in order to have an arsenal of solutions ready to take on any connectivity challenge that comes its way. LEMCON has successfully provided backhaul solutions for permanent and temporary outdoor Wi-Fi networks in the Philippines.

Other Backhaul Solutions

LEMCON also provides LTE and mesh solutions to support Wi-Fi networks and hotpots. Lemcon is already building a reputation for providing transmission solutions for mobile networks. This becomes more important as networks introduce new technologies at the access network. The huge increase in data rates mean a high demand for efficient and appropriate transmission systems. Lemcon is an expert at deployment of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transmissions solutions on both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands.


Lemcon’s experience in telecom projects over the last 20 years combined with the proven track record in the Philippines of successfully managing cellular telecommunication network projects makes Lemcon the best-qualified candidate to support network deployment and warehousing projects in the Philippines.

In-Building Solutions

Lemcon is the most technically accomplished indoor mobile network company in Asia Pacific. The expertise in surveying, an experienced RF planning team, and the use of the best planning tools, means efficient designs and deployments. Lemcon offers turnkey services and also offers the added benefit of being the expert in carrier-grade Wi-Fi.

LCSI- PoE Switch

LCSI supplies highly reliable industrial Ethernet product (Switch, POE Switch, Media Converter and Device Server) and partially Commercial Ethernet products (Workgroup Switch, POE Switch and Media Converter). LCSI products are manufactured in professional facilities and meet ROHS, ISO9001/2000 and ISO 14001. LCSI has been a partner with Lemcon for over five years.

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Transmission Jun 26, 2018

Radio Network Planning is a necessary activity in the design of all wireless Lemcon provides network design expertise across all technologies from GSM through LTE and Wi-Fi and specializes in planning for indoor networks.

The demand for reliable access to networks even when indoors has led to dedicated network infrastructure incorporated in the building structure. Lemcon shines at designing excellent solutions for coverage for hotels, malls, offices, parking areas, apartment blocks and transport facilities.

Coverage is influenced by transmission loss caused by the multiple structural and aesthetic partitions to be overcome. Network quality is impacted by the interference common in three dimensional networks while capacity is supported the management of radio channels.

Network planning requires comprehensive planning and optimization tools for modelling and analyzing wireless networks. Lemcon also uses these tools to create reports containing data that is essential for a successful deployment including coverage prediction, antenna locations, base station configurations and capacity planning.
Lemcon Philippines has its own teams nationwide to perform the site survey and provide useful and accurate site survey reports. After the building the network Lemcon support network optimization and network performance validation services.

Lemcon Philippines is the expert in designing technical solutions for microwave transmission links at distances up to 80 km point to point and leads the industry in the application of point to multi point. Lemcon provides design and build solutions for microwave transmission as a viable backhaul solution for data and voice networks on both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands.

PABX Networks

Lemcon provides a full turnkey solution for a client’s PABX needs. Leveraging voice over IP technology, Lemcon surveys, designs, builds, operates and maintains PABX networks for its clients, be it integrating to legacy infrastructure or rolling out a brand new, modern system. Lemcon provides solutions for integrating its clients’ PABX systems to other IT and telecoms systems. A complete connectivity suite allows for integration of software phones, legacy phones, two-way radios, social media networks, voice and video conferencing systems.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless refers to the operation of wireless devices or systems in fixed locations such as homes and offices. Fixed wireless devices usually connect to the electrical power at the location. Fixed wireless broadband is high-speed internet access where the service providers use radio signals rather than cables. New subscribers are added without modifying the infrastructure. Subscribers in remote areas are connected to the network without the need to install wired backhaul infrastructure. Modern Fixed Wireless networks support network speeds of up to 300 Mbps and new technologies that improve the bandwidth and range of fixed wireless solutions are continuously presented by Lemcon and its partners.

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Lemcon Philippines Inc provides management support to customers from simple site audits to full scope turnkey project management. Lemcon systems have been developed by an experienced management organization responsible for deploying over 250 complex network rollouts across all continents:
• Cost control and PO tracking
• Lease rent payment management
• Advanced visual maps of site status
• Integrated field staff QA tracking
• Site and project document management
• Site surveys built directly into database
• Outage work tracking during maintenance windows
• Mobile access to track project process
• Detailed customizable reports
• Work approval systems
• Site acceptance and logistics tracking
• Link Tracking
• Organization task management
• Communication dashboard
• Project announcement board
Lemcon Philippines delivers customized and technically advanced services and solutions, to enhance the competitive position of our customers and their network infrastructure. Lemcon supports modern networks, providing technical support to design, inventory, logistics, installation and maintenance of infrastructure allowing the customer to focus on using that infrastructure. Lemcon reduces costs, both in deployment and maintenance of communications infrastructure:
• Building and expanding the infrastructure to meet new capacity and technology demands.
• Maintaining and troubleshooting infrastructure efficiently
• Managing inventory using modern techniques and systems.
• Monitoring sites to reduce operating costs and improve reliability.
Lemcon builds its systems to work with the growing internet and facilitate the future of communications.


2-Way Radio

Two-way radio communications systems are useful for support of emergency services, public safety and surveillance and security applications. Critical rescue personnel using reliable voice pagers or field workers appreciate rugged and feature-heavy two-way radio systems.
To complete the end to end network features and technology, Lemcon offers radio communications systems that complement or support the existing mobile networks, especially in situations where the network may be compromised by emergencies or natural disasters.

• Analog 2-way trunked radios
• Conventional mobile radios
• Advanced 2-way Messaging Devices
• GPS tracking devices
• Paging Base station transmitters & receivers
• GPS RF base station Control products
• Linear RF repeaters for cellular and paging

Safety Sectors

Critical rescue, paramedics and firefighters hold the reliability of the voice pagers in high regard, while services companies prize the two-way radio systems for their ruggedness and many features.

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Wired and Wireless Jun 24, 2018

Lemcon is expert at carrier grade Wi-Fi network build and operate. Lemcon provides a full turnkey solution and also has the expertise to help the customer monetise the network and ensure that the network operates really well. Wi-Fi is a technology that gets more sophisticated every day and Lemcon is the market leader at services delivery.

Indoor Public Wi-Fi

These are large indoor venues that cater for large numbers of users that benefit from high speed data on mobile devices. Access to these Wi-Fi networks maybe open or restricted to membership, may be free of fee generating. The primary objective is to create a secure high speed data network. Typical applications are Wi-Fi to shopping malls, airports, convention centers and arenas.

Outdoor Public Wi-Fi

Similar to indoor venues, outdoor venues cater for large numbers of people, often moving through a large area. The Wi-Fi equipment is ruggedized and rated for outdoor use. The other difference is that range of coverage is another objective when outdoors. Parks, marinas and open spaces with a high foot traffic are the main application.,
Hotspots (Indoor and Outdoor)
These are small area deployments to provide specific locations where Wi-Fi is accessed. Indoor cases will include small stores and business premises, outdoor cases maybe at bus stops or information booths. Requires 1-2 access points remotely managed by an access point controller, or working as a standalone unit. These are small area deployments targeted for low density usage. The transmission is varied and Lemcon is expert in applying the appropriate solutions that best match each case.

Residential Wi-Fi

Lemcon is expert on providing complete Wi-Fi coverage to residential apartment blocks and high-rise buildings. These indoor networks are constructed either in parallel with new building construction or are incorporated in existing structures. Wi-Fi is increasingly required by tenants as part of the building broadband solution. This allows subscribers to the building network to have internet connectivity anywhere in the building and not just the subscriber’s apartment.

Special Events

There are temporary events with a need for data coverage. This requires a temporary Wi-Fi installation. Lemcon has developed an infrastructure application where ground level Wi-Fi is provided on a transmission backbone connected to a nearby Base Station on the Mobile Network. These are temporary Wi-Fi installations targeted to provide internet connectivity during events and the infrastructure is removed after the event. Marketing events are the biggest market, though social events also need the services.


Small standalone enterprise Wi-Fi networks require access point controllers, user-management and authentication and firewall protection for the network. The Infocom MicroNode is the ideal solution. Small and easy to install it does not require an equipment room. The MicroNode is accessed from any authorized laptop and allows performance management, authentication and network reports. All the benefits of a full enterprise network at a fraction of the cost.

Aruba Introduces Integrated SD-WAN

Aruba just announced its Software-Defined Branch (SD-Branch) solution, a new approach designed to help customers modernize branch networks for evolving cloud, IoT and mobility requirements. The integration of new cloud-managed SD-WAN, wired and wireless networking solutions, secured with context-based policy enforcement, significantly advances IT professionals’ ability to deliver improved network availability and application performance, while dramatically reducing management time and operational and capital expenditures.

Network Node

The Infocom Network Node is a standalone Wi-Fi distribution module that provides a simple distribution node for IP devices. This allows the combination of Wi-Fi, CCTV and IP appliances in small networks, addresses the problems of fluctuating voltages and providing the installation team with diagnostic tools to ensure quality control of deployed infrastructure.

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From IoT to an always-on mobile workforce, organizations face increasingly complex IT infrastructures from campus to branches that are more exposed to attacks than ever before. You need a seamless path from device and user discovery, wired and wireless access control, attack detection and adaptive response – based on set policies.
Aruba’s ClearPass Policy Manager provides role- and device-based secure network access control for IoT, BYOD, corporate devices, as well as employees, contractors and guests across any multivendor wired, wireless and VPN infrastructure that use them.
Clearpass Access Control


Aruba IntroSpect

IntroSpect User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) uses AI-based machine learning to spot changes in user behavior that often indicate inside attacks that have evaded perimeter defenses. Security teams are armed with insights into malicious, compromised or negligent users, systems and devices – cutting off the threat before it does damage.
Aruba IntroSpect

Aruba Switching Portfolio

Aruba switches bring performance and reliability to the mobile-first campus. These industry-leading switches are scalable, secure, and feature HPE Smart Rate multi-gigabit ports for high-speed connectivity.
Switching Portfolio