Lemcon is expert at carrier grade Wi-Fi network build and operate. Lemcon provides a full turnkey solution and also has the expertise to help the customer monetise the network and ensure that the network operates really well. Wi-Fi is a technology that gets more sophisticated every day and Lemcon is the market leader at services delivery.

Indoor Public Wi-Fi

These are large indoor venues that cater for large numbers of users that benefit from high speed data on mobile devices. Access to these Wi-Fi networks maybe open or restricted to membership, may be free of fee generating. The primary objective is to create a secure high speed data network. Typical applications are Wi-Fi to shopping malls, airports, convention centers and arenas.

Outdoor Public Wi-Fi

Similar to indoor venues, outdoor venues cater for large numbers of people, often moving through a large area. The Wi-Fi equipment is ruggedized and rated for outdoor use. The other difference is that range of coverage is another objective when outdoors. Parks, marinas and open spaces with a high foot traffic are the main application.

Hotspots (Indoor and Outdoor)

These are small area deployments to provide specific locations where Wi-Fi is accessed. Indoor cases will include small stores and business premises, outdoor cases maybe at bus stops or information booths. Requires 1-2 access points remotely managed by an access point controller, or working as a standalone unit. These are small area deployments targeted for low density usage. The transmission is varied and Lemcon is expert in applying the appropriate solutions that best match each case.

Residential Wi-Fi

Lemcon is expert on providing complete Wi-Fi coverage to residential apartment blocks and high-rise buildings. These indoor networks are constructed either in parallel with new building construction or are incorporated in existing structures. Wi-Fi is increasingly required by tenants as part of the building broadband solution. This allows subscribers to the building network to have internet connectivity anywhere in the building and not just the subscriber’s apartment.

Special Events

There are temporary events with a need for data coverage. This requires a temporary Wi-Fi installation. Lemcon has developed an infrastructure application where ground level Wi-Fi is provided on a transmission backbone connected to a nearby Base Station on the Mobile Network. These are temporary Wi-Fi installations targeted to provide internet connectivity during events and the infrastructure is removed after the event. Marketing events are the biggest market, though social events also need the services.

Prestige Wi-Fi

  • For the largest networks and most demanding customers
  • Military grade encryption options
  • Integration to carrier AAA systems and advanced platforms
  • Advanced intrusion detection and containment features
  • Automatic network optimization and radio management functions
  • Centralized management and remote configuration

Premium Wi-Fi

  • Enterprise network solutions for industry and business
  • Payment card industry security
  • Integration to enterprise AAA Systems
  • Enterprise class performance. reliability and scalability
  • Network optimization supported by Lemcon NOC
  • Centralized management and remote configuration

Direct Wi-Fi

  • Small business and home network solutions
  • Security and access control
  • Integration to mobile and web applications
  • High performance in smaller networks and small office needs
  • Customizable management with open source compatibility
  • Local and application managed systems

Lemcon Services for Wi-Fi

Lemcon Philippines Inc. designs and supplies the networks required to Direct Wi-Fi and Prestige Wi-Fi. These field activities are professionally managed to deliver with least disruption to the infrastructure and deliver the best performing networks.


Site acquisition
Site survey
System engineering
Site development

Implementation Phase

Conduits and cable trays
Structured cabling Connection to internet
Integration to control core
Access point installation

Post Implementation

Testing and acceptance
Network optimization
Operation and maintenance
Warranty and spares management

Innovations by Lemcon

Advanced project management
Site acquisition and survey processes
Remote monitoring and acceptance

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